#Processions 2018 is coming to The Wakes

On the 10th June 2018, thousands of women took to the streets of London, Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh as part of Processions 2018. This was a mass artwork to celebrate 100 years since the first women were given the right to vote.

Forge Urban Revival teamed up with DASH and local artist Anne-Marie Lagram to create a banner for the Cardiff march. 30 Shropshire Women shouted our slogan ‘we are here’ as we walked together in the sunshine and happy crowds. Over 100 women (I think it was closer to 200) contributed to the banner by making links for our fabric chain, embroidered hands, roundels and sewing the names of Shropshire women into the Shropshire hills. It was a privilege to be one of the people to carry the banner, even if we did almost get blown away by a few big gusts of wind!

The Shropshire banner will be coming to The Wakes for the last week of July. I can’t wait to see it again. There will also be more projects coming up from the Shropshire Subversive Stitchers; a loose collective of creative, inspiring women who love to make things. We just couldn’t walk away from such an upsurge of positive action and creativity that came out of the banner project.


It seems like quite a long time ago that we made representations of our own hands on International Women’s Day. This is Nicola making her hand. She couldn’t make the march, but part of her was there in the form of her hand print.


I was proud to be the middle of three generations of women at the march, this is my mum June and daughter Holly, aged 9. Holly has been teaching herself a lot about suffragettes recently and loved being a part of it, especially chaining herself to the railings with our stunning cloth chain made up of the names and messages from women from Shropshire.


It was also amazing to see the creations of the other groups. I love this beautiful and powerful banner from the women of Carmarthen.



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