All in knots


Macrame proved to be one of the most popular sessions we have run at Forge Urban Revival and I apologise wholeheartedly for any knotting addictions that may have been triggered!   We saw loads of new faces and everyone did really well with learning the basic knots. Most people made plant hangers using a mixture of inexpensive jute twine, for the classic 70s look, and Tek Tek t-shirt yarn. The t-shirt is a great way to learn because it is smooth, chunky and works up quickly. The wooden rings at the top came from a bedroom curtain that I had when I was in my teens, I knew they would come in useful one day.

The following week we hitched up the caravan and headed for one of our favourite campsite on the Llyn Peninsular. We were spoiled with amazing sunshine, mysterious warm sea mists and stunning deserted beaches.

The light, the textures and the colours are just so inspiring. I never get bored of the Welsh coast in all its very many moods.

Do those knots remind you of anything? My knotty fingers were starting to get itchy… We always try to bring back as much plastic litter as we can when we visit beaches and there  is often a lot of nylon rope and fishing wire that gets impossibly tangled up around whatever happens to get in its way. This stuff just has to be a nightmare for so many birds and sea creatures.


I really liked the colours in the yellow and turquoise string and I got to work teasing out the strands using a darning needle whilst the kids paddled in the shallows. We all take a sewing kit to the beach, right? The teeny little strands were tricky to knot but the results were well worth it: a weeny colourful rock hanger wotsit, the perfect caravan accessory. It’s always gratifying to make something beautiful from something as ugly as plastic beach litter. We also took a large pile of other plastic up to the campsite recycling bins, every little bit helps.


2 thoughts on “All in knots”

  1. That rock hanger wotsit is bonkers but I can see myself making some!! I loved the macramé session, it’s so addictive. Thank you. I’m glad you had a good break, I always find North Wales restorative, whatever the weather, but it’s so beautiful in the sunshine. x


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