Quirky visible mending with needle felt

This week at The Forge we are looking at using needle felting as a way of repairing holey jumpers. I rescued this cashmere cardigan of my mum’s from the rag bag. It was looking a bit sorry for itself with several moth holes and missing buttons. I neglected to take a ‘before’ picture so you will just have to take my word for it!


So, tah dah! I mended the holes using a cookie cutter shape to make the stars and little balls of wool for the circles. Some mismatched buttons from my collection completed the job. The results? One very wearable cardigan and one delighted mother who has reclaimed it.

Cashmere is definitely worth saving and I really enjoy the meditative process of stabbing a garment multiple times with a very sharp needle. Those needles really are sharp, I got a bit gung ho and one point and my thumb is still tingling. I was worried that the process might just make more holes, but I was careful to limit the stabbing to the places with the felt and all appears to be fine.


This process can also be used to add motifs to kids jumpers or woollen bags, the possibilities are endless. I got slightly addicted to the compelling process of needle felting and made some little ornaments that may become key rings or dangly things. They are strictly teaching resources you understand, inspiration for the craft group next week 😉

I will let you know how they get on.

Mary xx

1 thought on “Quirky visible mending with needle felt”

  1. I have all the kit for needle felting but have yet to get around to it. The girls and I made felt animal ears at Wilderness. I love the stars


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