Marvellous monsters, unusual unicorns and strange socktopusus

img_5048.jpgWe had a great day at the Forge yesterday with a lovely bunch of kids and some strange creatures that emerged during the morning!

Armed with a basket of odd socks, recycled fibre fill, buttons, and felt scraps left over from other projects the kids made some amazing creations. I was genuinely impressed with their levels of concentration and willingness to try some sewing. I did have the hot glue gun on standby but all but the very youngest participant did some sewing. Several had never sewed before and were really pleased with the results. One nine year old boy said “sewing is quite fun, actually”. Job Done.

It is very pleasing to me that the workshop used mostly reclaimed and recycled materials that allowed imaginations to run wild. And look how wild they got!  ‘Kids craft’ is so often taken to mean pre-formed craft foam shapes, colouring pages and kits with loads of little bits of plastic. These have their place, but they don’t always do much for the astounding creativity that can come from these fresh, vibrant minds.

My two girls went to sleep with their monsters, now named Sockster and Boris.




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