Uplifting spring time crafts


Spring seems to have been very slow to show it’s face this year and, despite the grim weather, we have been busy making some simple, cheerful crafty bits to conjure up a bit of spring.

We teamed up with Transition Towns Telford to make some raggy wreathes from recycled, donated materials. These are a very achievable way of using up waste fabric and the knot tying is soothingly rhythmic, which encourages a sociable atmosphere. Crafts like these are really important in developing a cohesive group because everyone can do it and achieve a nice result.

The wreaths were followed up by some pom pom crafts to make chicks and bunnies. These were made from donated yarn and some unravelled jumpers with felt scraps to make the eyes, ears, feet and beaks. Some of them were quite ‘distinctive’ looking and making them was accompanied by a considerable amount of giggling. Our craft group is very diverse and includes people with a wide range of abilities from the very experienced crafter to those with learning difficulties working side by side.

We also try hard to listen to ideas from the group and both the raggy wreaths and pom pom creatures were crafts that the group expressed an interest in having a go at.


On a very snowy and bleak day, a select few of us had a go at these simple, cheery daffs made from felt. They have been brightening the tables at The Wakes for the last couple of weeks and have brought a little sunshine to some very drear days.

It is also the Easter Holidays and I have been keeping the kids busy at home with crafts, we tend to do quite a lot of crafting, can you tell? One of our favourites is making egg baubles from scraps of felt, buttons and sequins. And finally, a little bit of colour is bursting out in the garden. It was almost springlike out there today!

Happy spring time everyone! Thanks for visiting, Mary xx






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