Hands on Hearts

Our first bit of craftivism (activism through craft) at the Forge Urban Revival cafe was a little bit of self-love for Valentine’s Day. We wanted to do a gentle activity that countered all the valentine’s consumerism and romance, and focussed on the real meaning of love and togetherness. Using recycled materials and simple sewing techniques we stitched messages onto mini banners and these were then stitched onto a larger banner for display in the Wakes community space.


Thirty one women and girls ranging in age from 9 to 70 made these gorgeous little banners. Some were experienced at sewing and some had never done any embroidery before and the results were amazing.

Harmony. Smile. Inspiration. Sisterhood. Healing. Compassion. You are beautiful. Be the change. Peace. Love. Be Kind. Friendship. Hope. Forever. Believe. Respect. Thoughtfulness. Togetherness… the greatest of these is love.


The Forge Cafe is the home of our free craft group that runs every thursday from 10am to 2pm. The aim of the Forge Urban Revival and The Wakes are to reduce social isolation in urban Telford, Shropshire and to provide a welcoming, friendly community space. It is a new project and it is going from strength to strength. They serve good coffee too!

The best bit of the crafting is all the laughter and mutual support that comes with a group of women crafting together. This is why we do it.

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